Oh hey! #Sentry, my employer, has an Open Source grant that you can apply for: https://blog.sentry.io/2019/01/29/apply-sentry-open-source-grant

"Contributing to open source full-time is an opportunity not available to everyone. We’d like to change that with the Sentry Open Source Grant, which offers funding to an individual dedicated to working on an open source project for three months."

Updated CONTRIBUTING.md with a note that you can request to be paid through OpenCollective if your contribution has been accepted into Mastodon


"The Platform" is the name of my new alternative rock band.


InkWeb is a mastodon instance and part of the ActivityPub network / the Fediverse. You can make an account on any Mastodon instance and interact with users on this or any other one. That being said, here's reasons why you should choose this instance: - You like squids or Octopodes. - You think our rules make a lot of sense. - You want to try out Mastodon / being on The Fediverse, this place being as good as any other instance for that. - You think, correctly, that Squid and Octopodes can date.