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Icosahedron's Sidekiq queues are full and have 3k+ jobs near constantly on wait. Waiting on @halcy to wake up and add more workers. Seems for now icosa is going to be EXTREMELY SLOWED and maybe stop functioning proper at this rate.

What a day.

It looks like icosahedron is not behaving for me.

I cannot however tell if blurhash is doing its thing on this end at all.

This also explains why maybe a ton of posts were not appearing on the Inkweb FTL.

Ok there we go, why didn't it fucking work the first time I restarted the mastodon system.

media attachments are broken, fuck me.

Again, bagger-288 used for surgery, mastodon upgrades, same experience.

Inkweb's server will be engaging in major updates shortly, may break things..

Inkweb is temporarily open to registrations, despite still not being entirely inky...

@Gargron So how does one exactly get the keybase proof stuff working? Is it supposed to automate and eventually show up?

Sooo ok now to figure out how to get the keybase bit working.

Inkweb should now be running LATEST VERSION.

Wow was that a fucking half day trip to get going.

Ooooh hey it is actually faster now too, amazing.

Oh hey, the thing is working! Inkweb is upgraded to 2.7.4.

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