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@Gargron So how does one exactly get the keybase proof stuff working? Is it supposed to automate and eventually show up?

Sooo ok now to figure out how to get the keybase bit working.

Inkweb should now be running LATEST VERSION.

Wow was that a fucking half day trip to get going.

Ooooh hey it is actually faster now too, amazing.

Oh hey, the thing is working! Inkweb is upgraded to 2.7.4.

every time halcy has to reboot icosa something explodes, usually at the scaleway datacenter.

Icosahedron being down so long, sure hope that when Scaleway figures out why they grant several days of free operation.

I just saved some dude from getting blasted by his own horse by lassoing him.

It didn't even count as a crime.


I've been busy flying the big drone because it does that now.

Just dumped 5 gigs worth of old media, wow Masto has a lot of data run through it in less than a week even.

Icosahedron remains down due to issues with scaleway, halcy has upgraded the support ticket in hopes of getting it solved today.

Icosahedron remains down. Probably for the rest of the day. It's all scaleway's fault lol.

So icosahedron downtime is actually a problem on the housing provider's stuffs and is affecting a large portion of their network. At least it's not just icosahedron.

I kind of wanted to name this site ikahedron as a joke but that would be too much effort to set up.

oh right icosa is still down yeah, halcy went to reboot it and it's taking decades.

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