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I really need to get on that whole "restyling the interface" thing but oof. I haven't any assets for that.

So as soon as I've got everything set up I'll look into allowing registrations. For now, keep an eye out! I'll let folks know when they're open.

I'm just so excited this worked, and I didn't mess it up this time!

This is gonna take a bit...

I think that did it.


InkWeb is a mastodon instance and part of the ActivityPub network / the Fediverse. You can make an account on any Mastodon instance and interact with users on this or any other one. That being said, here's reasons why you should choose this instance: - You like squids or Octopodes. - You think our rules make a lot of sense. - You want to try out Mastodon / being on The Fediverse, this place being as good as any other instance for that. - You think, correctly, that Squid and Octopodes can date. This is basically an instance for Octolings and Inklings.