Someone might need these.


The SVatG release "Skate Station" for the Nintendo 3DS is now available for download! aka-san.halcy.de/nordlicht2019

We also have a video, though I do recommend watching in Real Stereoscopic 3D on your real 3DS hardware! youtube.com/watch?v=JeTrrkxz9a

Icosahedron is still upgrading, hence the lack of timeliness working right. Please wait warmly.

Icosahedron's sidekiq queue was slamming 1 million beers and we don't know why so suddenly the entire system is down.


Icosahedron got slammed with push events, most of them with a single user's name on them. The user in question has been suspended and we will be nuking the queue. Apologies to any and all that a queue nuke will potentially break the statuses of.


Icosahedron's Sidekiq queues are full and have 3k+ jobs near constantly on wait. Waiting on @halcy to wake up and add more workers. Seems for now icosa is going to be EXTREMELY SLOWED and maybe stop functioning proper at this rate.

What a day.

It looks like icosahedron is not behaving for me.

I cannot however tell if blurhash is doing its thing on this end at all.

This also explains why maybe a ton of posts were not appearing on the Inkweb FTL.

Ok there we go, why didn't it fucking work the first time I restarted the mastodon system.

media attachments are broken, fuck me.

Again, bagger-288 used for surgery, mastodon upgrades, same experience.

Inkweb's server will be engaging in major updates shortly, may break things..

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